AMWI 16th Board Of Trustee

Message from the desk of the President

Dear Council Members,

A wDr.Saraiyaarm welcome to this Council. This is my first communication with you & I am enclosing herewith some of my thoughts which I had expressed when I took over as President at Kolkata.

First of all, thank you for bestowing this honor & giving me the opportunity to serve AMWI as President. This year, I have completed 50 years as a Member of this organization & I do feel as if I have grown up with it. I have worked sincerely for so many years mainly because I have believed in its Philosophy, admired the spirit of the pioneering Women Doctors & what is more, feel strongly that it still has an important role to play in the healthcare of women in the 21st century. The conditions of women in some parts of India & even in the world are unacceptable & not fit to call a human existence. Poor health is perhaps the root cause which leads to their helplessness. To such women, a woman doctor is next to God, a person she feels close to, can bare her heart to & seek solace from. No one can fulfill that role, but a Woman Doctor. Even Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful women in the world has said that she would like to devote her time for the upliftment of the lives of women when she retires from Public life.

I have many plans for our association for the coming three years & I am happy & proud to have such a distinguished Council. Together I hope we can have a meeting or a Conference every year hosted by one of the 3 branches. Our existing activities must all be strengthened & augmented. It would be nice to have new inputs especially from our young members. Launching of the Website has been one such activity started by the Mumbai Branch. Everyone is doing Health Camps & Awareness Camps. Let us join other likeminded organizations & other NGO's & put fresh life into these Programmes.

Finally, dear friends, I am just a phone call away from you. I hope we can communicate well & exchange ideas. We have a glorious history of 103 years. Let us plan for a glorious leap into the 2nd century. Remember that

"A Boulder in the path of progress may seem unsurmountable to the weak but for the strong minded it is but a stepping stone to success"

I have confidence in your abilities & in your sense of duty & devotion to the cause of Healthcare which is our motto. Let AMWI, be a platform for you to launch your ideas & activities. You can count on my support in all your endeavours.

I wish you & your families all the best in the coming years.

Dr. Usha Saraiya

Email :

Mobile No. : 98200 59050