AMWI 16th Board Of Trustee

Board of Trustee


Dr Bakhtawar Vajifdar President

Dr Bakhtawar Vajifdar

Office: 022 2367 7736
Mobile: +91 9820087594
Email ID:
Dr Purnima Satoskar Vice President

Dr Purnima Satoskar

Mobile: +91 9869429499
Email ID:
Dr Priya Vora Thakur Hon. Secretary

Dr Priya Vora Thakur

Office: 022 2351 2098
Mobile: +91 9920244870
Email ID:
Dr Sharad Rao Joint Secretary

Dr Sharad Rao

Office: 022 2410 4443
Mobile: +91 9833004243
Email ID:
Dr Nidhi Shah Gandhi Treasurer

Dr Nidhi Shah Gandhi

Mobile: +91 9833706408
Email ID:
Dr Reena Wani Members

Dr Reena Wani

Mobile: +91 9820146462
Email ID:
Dr Rajshree Katke Members

Dr Rajshree Katke

Mobile: +91 9869917830
Email ID:
Dr Kamal Hazari Co-Opted Members

Dr Kamal Hazari

Office: 022 2362 8621
Mobile: +91 9869222446
Email ID:
Dr Sushmita Bhatnagar Co-Opted Members

Dr Sushmita Bhatnagar

Mobile: +91 9869013797
Email ID:
Dr Geetha Balsarkar Ex-Officio Member

Dr Geetha Balsarkar

Office: 022 2436 5509
Mobile: +91 9820190587
Email ID:

Amongst the many activities the most important are

  • Kolkata Branch runs a hospital called "Mission Hospital"
  • Mumbai Branch has been conducting a Cancer Detection Centre at Cama Hospital since 1970.
  • Golden Jubilee Research Award is given every year to encourage Research.
  • Many orations and awards are instituted to encourage academic activities.
  • A scientific Journal is published annually, Newsletters are circulated regularly
  • Conferences Seminars are arranged on a regular basis.