AMWI 16th Board Of Trustee

About AMWI

Association of Medical Women in India, Mumbai Branch

This organization is a multi-disciplinary one with Special emphasis on Women's Children Health.

The Medical Women's Association (MWIA) came into being in New York on 19th October, 1919. Esther Phol Lovejoy proposed the founding of the Association at a dinner in the Waldorf Astoria,where 140 women were assembled to honour distinguished medical women who had just returned from war service in Europe. A committee of twelve drew up the Constitution, and Esther Phol Lovejoy was elected as the president. The MWIA was the first International Medical Association in the world. At present there are over 20,000 , members in 70 countries all over the world.

The first International Congress was held in 1929 in London the subject being Maternal Mortality.

The Executive Officers of MWIA are the President, Immediate Past President, Present Elect, Secretary General (Executive Secretary), Treasurer and six Regional Vice Presidents. All National Associations have a National Corresponding Secretary who receives news letters directly from the Head Office and also from the Regional Vice President. This news is passed on to the National Association and their members.

The present International President of the year 2010 - 2013 is Dr. Afue Hesse of Accra Ghana . The Secretary General is Dr. Shelley Ross of Canada.

The MWIA offers interest free loans to its members, and the Lovejoy Scholarship is offered specially to the members from developing countries to assist them to attend International Congresses.

MWIA also desires to receive suitable projects to be conducted by the National Branches for which financial aid will be provided by the Project Committee.

The MWIA has relations with other International Organizations like WHO, UNICEF, WMA (Wold Medical Assembly), CIOMS (Council For International Organization of Medical Sciences), Economic and Social Council, Zonta Soroptimists etc just to mention a few.

The main aim of MWIA is to provide opportunities for medical women to meet and discuss problems to mutual interest and this can be achieved by attending International Congresses in large numbers.

It is very vibrant organization full of dynamic ladies who exude good will and bonhomie. Its a pleasure to attend their meetings.


Amongst the many activities the most important are

  • Kolkata Branch runs a hospital called "Mission Hospital"
  • Mumbai Branch has been conducting a Cancer Detection Centre at Cama Hospital since 1970.
  • Golden Jubilee Research Award is given every year to encourage Research.
  • Many orations and awards are instituted to encourage academic activities.
  • A scientific Journal is published annually, Newsletters are circulated regularly
  • Conferences Seminars are arranged on a regular basis.